A Brief History of Windtopia

Windtopia was born from disasters in both the West and the East and a coming together of the world’s superpowers for the common good.

In 2016, after years of debate, the Keystone XL Pipeline’s army of lobbyists overpowered President Obama’s administration and the pipeline became a reality. Keystone XL soon lived up to the worst predictions of the environmentalists as frequent leakage contaminated aquifers along the route, causing large-scale health risks and costly clean up efforts. Both economically and environmentally, Keystone XL was a failure.

This disaster caused an unprecedented transition in the U.S.: environmentalists and capitalists finally saw eye to eye as they realized the only win-win situation was to combine the interests of both sides.

After months of summit meetings, the environmentalist-capitalist coalition decided to rely on wind as the major source of energy for the future.

Meanwhile in China, the air pollution in cities like Beijing reached “nuclear winter” levels. A desperate attempt to make the air breathable became the first priority of the authoritative government. Already being the world’s leader in wind power and without the constraint of democratic process, China quadrupled its its pace in the wind farms expansion. By year 2020, half of China’s 10 thousand terawatts energy need was being supplied by wind.

As the U.S. sought to mirror China’s rapidly expanding wind farms, energy coalition leaders looked across The Pacific for a quick supply of affordable wind turbine components.

For years, a new “great wall of China” formed across the ocean as a seemingly endless line of cargo ships, partially wind powered, carried millions of fiberglass turbine blades to the US.

Following the U.S. and China’s lead, wind energy boomed worldwide. In 2035, they consolidated all global wind power producers in the name of efficiency. Windtopia was born.

Now, 10 years later, Windtopia’s 50 million wind turbines provide clean, renewable energy to the entire world, propelling progress as they stretch to every corner of the planet. Climate change and the grand debate of sustainability are finally only pages in history.

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